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CBD & You becomes Wylde

CBD & You becomes Wylde

The same great range of products from CBD and You, Wylde Apothecary is a stockist of the UK and USA's leading CBD Brands.

Tame your Wylde

Wylde sources and selects a range of products to become a natural part of your life. From travelling away on holiday or business to just being at home and relaxing.


Customer Reviews

Lovely and cooling
Purchased: CBD Living Freeze

Lovely and cooling

Really effective in targeting inflammation, and in the muscle and joints. Works very quickly no skin reactions. high quality. Very happy Lala recommended.
Genuine CBD Gummies
Helped significantly with pain from autoimmune disease/cancer and made me feel relaxed. Would advise taking before bed as they can make you quite sleepy depending on how many you take. I wouldn't advise buying it elsewhere as many places sell fake ones, i had adverse / allergic reactions to other CBD oil/ gummies; but this one, i had no issues with.
Quality product!
I have been using this oil for the past few months and have to say it has done wonders. I have always suffered with poor sleep and anxiety. I am happy to say that after a few weeks of having 6 drops of a night I sleep very well and no longer use sleeping tablets. If anxiety builds during the day I have a few drops and this also relieves it. When I walked into the shop I was greeted by the highly knowledgeable Lala. I explained my problems and she guided me in the right direction without being at all pushy.
Best pain killer for back pain
We have used this product for a while now and I can”t do without it. It’s the best back pain killer ever. Over all Excellent.
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