• Top 5 CBD Gift Ideas...

    Top 5 CBD Gift Ideas...
      Choosing a gift for someone special can be a difficult choice but have you considered the gift of CBD? It may be for someone who you know uses CBD regularly or someone who you feel may benefit from adding CBD to their lifestyle. We've shortlisted the Top 5 CBD products that would make the perfect and most thoughtful gift.   November 2018...
  • CBD Explained: Dosage

    CBD Explained: Dosage
    The major question about the use of cannabidiol is; What is the best CBD dose? or How much CBD should I use? The CBDandyou team have collected enough data over the last few years to begin to answer these important questions, but with research and studies still ongoing we expect the following information to be amended continually. We Are All DifferentYes, we are...
  • CBD Explained: What are Terpenes?

    CBD Explained: What are Terpenes?
    If you’re familiar with CBD then you might have heard about Terpenes. But what are they exactly, and how can they benefit you? We look into the importance of Terpenes... A Terpene definition...Terpenes are a class of molecules produced by a variety of plants and even some insects. They are the main ingredients of essential oils and give plants their distinctive aromas. Terpenes...
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