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Introducing...CBD Living

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CBD Living is a Californian company formed by a team of Scientists who originally wanted to create a CBD and Nutrient water product that has a full bioavailability to the consumer.

Unfortunately, most products containing CBD or vitamins get lost in the digestive system when consumed due to the size of the original particles. This company has used a nanotechnology method that delivers 100% bioavailability into the bodily system. This method also allows for the CBD Living Water to taste...just like water without the need for any commercial surfactants or emulsifiers that many other companies use.

The flagship product also contains D-ribose (for athletic performance and boosting muscle energy), CoQ10 (similar to a vitamin, found in every cell of the body to produce cell growth and maintenance) and methyl B12 (from a plant source, supports nerve tissue, brain cells and promotes better sleep) with a perfect pH of 7.4.

You can watch the CBD Living Water being bottled with a full explanation of its benefits in the short video clip below:

CBD Living have gone on to produce further products containing CBD which are available for you to buy today at CBDandYou. Choose from the CBD Freeze 120mg 'cold therapy' - a roll-on application that can be used for any aching joints or muscles, or even across the forehead for those horrible migraines.

CBD Living Bath Bombs in various scent options (Lavender, Coconut Lime, Eucalyptus, Amber Bergamot) for total relaxation in a nice warm bath tub. Each Bomb contains 60mg of CBD.

CBD Living Gummies are an edible treat that contain 10mg of CBD each chew. Perfect for micro-dosing your CBD intake during the day and choose from 3 options of the Original Gummies, Vegan Gummies or Sour Gummies.

Lastly, the CBD Living Vape Cartridge 1/2 gram 250mg CBD. This pre-filled vape cart is made up of MCT Oil rather than PG or VG ingredients like a majority of vape juice. The cart has a 510 thread and will work on most vape battery devices. Choose from 4 flavours of; Bubble Gum, Sour Diesel, Tangie or Natural.

Want to know more? Then head over to the CBDandYou Forum to discover more about CBD from those who use it. We even have dedicated channels for all the brands we sell. Whether you want to ask a question or feel like you can answer someone else's, we would love you to get involved and be a part of our growing CBDandYou Community. 

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