• CBD Explained: Dosage

    CBD Explained: Dosage
    The major question about the use of cannabidiol is; What is the best CBD dose? or How much CBD should I use? The CBDandyou team have collected enough data over the last few years to begin to answer these important questions, but with research and studies still ongoing we expect the following information to be amended continually. We Are All DifferentYes, we are...
  • Guide: Pros and Cons of CBD products...

    Guide: Pros and Cons of CBD products...
    The taste of unflavoured CBD oil isn’t for everyone, nor is vaping CBD e-liquids, but we have good news. As the market for CBD products grows, so do the options on how to consume CBD and still meet the needs of your lifestyle. The range of products available has never been greater, and the quality of products never so diverse, so here’s a...
  • Introducing...Wildflower CBD

    Introducing...Wildflower CBD
    Wildflower has a mission to connect you to the healing power of plants. Based in the Pacific Northwest, Wildflower has sought the best technologies and feedback from consumers to create the highest quality CBD products.All products are made in the USA at GMP certified facilities and are third-party lab tested for quality assurance and transparency. Wildflower has sourced organic natural ingredients to deliver...
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