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Guide: Pros and Cons of CBD products...

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The taste of unflavoured CBD oil isn’t for everyone, nor is vaping CBD e-liquids, but we have good news. As the market for CBD products grows, so do the options on how to consume CBD and still meet the needs of your lifestyle.

The range of products available has never been greater, and the quality of products never so diverse, so here’s a guide to help you decide which products might fit best for you.

Firstly, do always look for an organically grown quality focused product if possible. There are a lot of good products about, but unfortunately, a lot of not so good quality, price-driven products too. Now, onto the guide!

CBD Drinks

A great way to conveniently consume CBD and ideal for topping up (sometimes called micro-dosing).

Pros – Done right, CBD infused drinks allow for high bio-availability of the CBD. Great for combating fatigued muscles after a tough work out!

Cons – CBD drinks sometimes simply emulsify CBD isolate crystals into a drink, which, being in crystal form, means absorption isn’t a given. Look for drinks that address the challenge of bio-availability.

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CBD Edibles

Pros – A convenient and popular way to top up on CBD and introduce CBD to others (in an agreeable form). It also makes the perfect gift for those special occasions, especially with Christmas 2018 approaching soon!

Cons – Can be moreish!

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CBD Topicals

Pros – Very effective for localised application and for adding additional benefits e.g. skin hydration, whilst making use of CB2 receptor distribution being near our skin. Popular for skin and joint related conditions.

Cons – Not all topicals are convenient to use whenever needed e.g. CBD Bath Bombs!

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CBD Supplements

Pros – The original and still highly popular means of consuming CBD oil is Tinctures, taken as drops absorbed under the tongue or added to food, smoothies and drinks for a versatile way of CBD consumption.

Cons – Not always the easiest way to control dose and can be a wasteful means of consuming CBD. An alternative for this would be to consume CBD Capsules, where you can accurately measure dosage.

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CBD e-liquids

Pros – The most effective means of absorbing CBD quickly.

Cons – We don’t recommend anyone start vaping just to take CBD (lots of other options).

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It is recommended you build up your CBD usage slowly. Start small, then increase the amount of CBD you consume over time until you notice a change. Be patient, everyone is different. You might consider seeking out forums and user groups who could help you to determine the right method for you. Needless to say, you should always consult your doctor to discuss CBD in combination with any treatment plan.

Want to discuss this topic further? Then browse our CBD Community Forum for all discussions on CBD! 


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