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Endocannabinoid as a measure of health...

by CBD and You on 0 Comments

The latest episode of the show on BBC2 (as featured on BBC’s Trust Me I’m a Doctor)  this week featured an experiment to increase ‘feel good’ endocannabinoids in the body during a number of various activities.

The experiment tested if the 'bliss' experienced from running which is commonly called the 'runner's high' can be produced from other actions like singing, dancing, cycling as well as reading boiler and dishwasher manuals!

Everything took place at the University of Nottingham with physiologist Dr Saoirse O'Sullivan and 9 volunteers from the Derbyshire Rock Choir. The results showed a 42% increase in endocannabinoids from the group activity in singing, 21% by dancing, 19% from cycling and 7% from the manual reading.

It was an interesting experiment in that it focused on the importance of the endocannabinoid system and it’s relationship to our mental wellbeing. At CBD and You we see the positive impact of CBD on a regular basis and would love to see more experiments like this including how the regular consumption of CBD compares to these activities in boosting endocannabinoid levels, after all, we can’t all run our way to happiness, or sing to choir standard 😊. Watch a short excerpt from the BBC show below.

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